Sports Marketing Surveys

Majestic/Major League Baseball

Research Essentials completed intercept interviews in the official Clubhouse stores of Major League Baseball stadiums before, during and after games in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Texas and Washington, D.C. Our goal was to understand why baseball fans, shop for, purchase and wear their team’s jerseys. We identified key experience drivers – and roadblocks – for purchase and wearing of licensed MLB jerseys. Our findings were delivered in-person to the executive team at Majestic Athletic Inc., the official supplier of jerseys to MLB.


USA Swimming

In Denver and Phoenix, Research Essentials was asked to participate in research for USA Swimming that focused on parents whose children participated in local sanctioned, organized USA Swimming teams. Braving the summer sun at temps around 115 degrees, we completed intercept interviews poolside (and in shade where we could find it). While kids swam laps nearby – cheering each other on – we discussed parents’ motivations for having their kids participate in organized swim teams. We also learned about parents’ fears and anxieties before their kids joined a league and how those fears played out. Ultimately we presented our findings to the executive team of USA Swimming in Colorado Springs, CO.

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