Some examples of projects we are proud of.

Molson Coors

Working as an outside research supplier – and in conjunction with outside designers – Research Essentials employed a range of qualitative research methods to develop, refine and, ultimately, bring to market Henry’s Hard Soda and Henry’s Hard Sparkling.


Over the course of a decade – and continuing today – Research Essentials has been an integral partner in the development and success of the adorne line of switches, dimmers and outlets, introduced to market in 2012 and with current annual sales approaching $20 million USD. Read more...

Boa Technology

Boa Technology, makers of the Boa lacing system that can be found on everything from snowboard boots and bicycling shoes to medical braces and prosthetics, engaged Research Essentials to understand the in-store reactions of consumers – and store employees – to the Boa lacing system on trail running shoes.

Sports Marketing Surveys

Research Essentials completed intercept interviews in the official Clubhouse stores of Major League Baseball stadiums before, during and after games in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Texas and Washington, D.C. Our goal was to understand why baseball fans, shop for, purchase and wear their team’s jerseys.

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